Newark, Delaware (DE)

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Area Code: 302
Prefix (NXX): 731
Calling outside U.S.: +13027311166
City: Newark
County: New Castle
State: Delaware
Usage: Landline
Local Time: Eastern (GMT -05:00)
Registrant Company: Verizon Delaware, Inc.

302-731-1166 is a Landline phone number operated by the company named Verizon Delaware, Inc. and is located in the city of Newark, Delaware. Please check general information, community rating and reports about this phone number. Don't forget to leave your rating and comment about this number, to help us improve our community database. The fact that a phone number is published in here does not automatically mean that it belongs to any predefined category. We would highly recommend using phone books, yellow and white pages, social networks, or other public resources as an additional source to get more accurate information of phone number 3027311166.

Comments for 3027311166

#1 Fraud Call

scam fraud alert

#2 Fraud call

No message - caller ID said "Card Services" - it is FRAUD....

#3 Scam call

just this morning i called boa after not using there card for four years i told them i needed to use it and make sure there would be no problem. fine right...WRONG. now all day i keep getting these calls but when i answer no one is on the linei called boa and honestly they could care less. they just told me to ignore the calls.now i remember why i stopped using this card in the first place

#4 Financial services

I received a call from this number about a possible fraud charge to my card. I called my card number insread. My card services told me that, It's a company, bank credit cards go through to alert customers about fraud charges to their cards. If you do not feel safe answering their questions, they understand and will ask you to call the number on back of your card.

#5 Other

I received two calls this afternoon.  No one left a message and when I called back I was put on hold.  I recently paid for something via PayPal which I have not done in over 2 years, so maybe that is what they wanted to discuss.  It's weird, though, because I only use this one credit card and check my statements every month.  If there was a problem, I would have called them.  Maybe it's about another credit card I keep just for emergencies???

#6 Other

I just received two phone calls from this number and they told me that they were from FIA. A credict card provider for the bank institucions and the person that i spoke with said that perhaps the calls that i recieved were regarding fraud and to call my bank immediatelly.

#7 Other

Received call on a late Sunday evening and then again early Monday morning. I didn't answer either time, and no message was left. I called the number, and they answered 'card services.' Then the fast-talking woman asked for a card number or SSN. (Yeah, right! Give this to somebody called 'card services'?) Thanks to this site, I did call Bank of America (BA), who aknowledged that 302-731-1176 is their service (BA also has LLBean and other cards). The lady at BA said she'd request that their card service callers leave a number, at least the direct 800-number. So, in all, BA was calling to ask about a suspect charge. 302-731-1166 is BA.

#8 Other

got 3 calls this morning, did not recognize the number so I did not answer. Did a check and found this site. I already got an email from BOA with regards to some pending purchases on my account and delt with it last night. I have blocked the number just in case.

#9 Other

I verified this number with BofA's fraud department -- after some people at BoA told me it might be a scam. After getting the call from the 302 number, I called 800-432-1000, which I got from https://www.bankofamer***.com/privacy/Control ... horised_acc_use. Two representatives told me they didn't think it was a legit number, but couldn't be certain. I was finally transferred over to the fraud dept. and someone said that it indeed was them, and we went over the suspicious charges (which was me, but just out of the ordinary purchases).

I'm actually pretty happy with BoA about this. If only they could have their departments communicate with each other better. We basically thought it was a fraudulent call right up until the last guy we talked to.

#10 Spammer

bank of America not really spam.

#11 Spammer

BofA asking me if I had made some recent charges on a foreign website, which I had, so it's all good.

#12 Other

I was just trying to purchase something online in England and I am in the USA.  I first put my month wrong on he expiration and then typed a security code wrong.  The site then would not take my card number.  At this same time my phone rang and it was this 302-731-1166  number.  I missed the call and called right back.  I was told they were Bank of America by the person once I asked.  It was a little weird for this to not be clear to me upon calling.  They said that they monitor account activity 24/7 and I asked them how long do they respond to threats.  They answered that is it almost instantly.  I did not give my credit card number to them when they asked as I was taken back by the unfamiliar way they handled it.  Due to the timing and what I was doing and it was a Bank of America card I think they may be legit but not enough for me to give them my trust.

#13 Other

STOP CALLING ME. I dont know who you are

#14 Other

Yes, this is from Bank of America Card Services. I already settled this with my credit card company, yet this number keeps on calling me.

#15 Other

I got the call a few times from that number today but I missed all of them.  When I called back, I was told to provide my credit card number (without telling me which credit card), and I was also told that my Bank of Amerian credit card got something alert sounded like a big fause trasanction (they didn't explain why). They asked me again for my card number and I didn't feel alright, so I hung up the phone.

#16 Other

Yep, same thing happened with me.  It's Bank of America, my credit card got flagged because someone mis-typed the exp date.

#17 Financial services

Wierd, person who said they were from bank of america called me and was asking some personal stuff including date of birth and social security number. I didn't trust them

#18 Other

From Bank of America.  Also received an e-mail from them statinf they had a possible fraud transaction.

They are looking out for you.  Called on a Sunday too.

#19 Financial services

This Bank of America Fraud Dept! I did not answer because I did not recognize number. After checking with Number Guru I called the official 1800 number for Bank of America Fraud. 1 (800) 472-7970! They confirmed this 302 number was theirs. They had put my card on hold due to multiple charges suspicious that I did not make. Thank goodness. Legit number.

#20 Other

I also received calls from this number (302-731-1166)and after reading this message board I called BOA's 1-800-383-0618 # to find out there was fradulent activity on my credit card. They were very helpful in reversing the charges.

#21 Other

Keeps calling. I don't know anyone in Delaware. They need to stop calling me.

#22 Other

I got a call from this number three times today. Based on the first post, I called Bank of America regarding my credit card and found that my card was blocked due to fraud

#23 Other

Rec'd call almost INSTANTLY after making a payment via PayPal. It is Bank of America. They called to verify the transaction. I had also just used the card a few minutes earlier to pay my Tmobile bill on their website.

#24 Other

I received the call telling me a fraudulent charge had been placed on my credit card and if I was the primary card holder to press one. Not recognizing the number or knowing anybody in Delaware I promptly hung up. I called the number on my credit card and they confirmed the call made to me. They transferred me to the fraud division who told me of the charges they were suspicious of and told me they would freeze the account until I could verify the charges. Thank you Bank of America for watching over me.

#25 Unwanted

It's a company called "Card Services" and they're totally legitimate. I think in this day and age of phishing and fraud, they could use a better name for their company, but whatever.

Anyway, they're a company that services many banks - one being Bank of America. I recently charged a ton of stuff from many different places and they put a security hold on the card until they could verify that these charges are legit (they were).

Like the first post, I also didn't trust this "Card Services" place so I called BofA customer service (number on the back of your card) and verified.  I'm glad BofA is doing this.  They're looking out for your best interest.

Cheers and Happy Holidays everyone!

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calling early morning hours

It's brian o.

I called DTV's customer service and asked them to take me off their telemarking list.  I explained that they were calling me from 302-394-9555 every few days and hanging up on me.  They put me on hold for a few minutes and then told me that they changed my privacy setting to not receive telemarketing calls by phone.

The foreign accented male (sounds Australian) who keeps calling looking for a person who does not work at this location and does not give up. I have told him over 100 times he does not work here and he just keeps calling. He says he is from a investment company for diamonds. I now just see the number and pick up and then hang up. I am more than positive it is a scam or something.

Same experience here. Asshat saying US Treasury, law suit, federal court, etc.  No person specified and a number of people live here. Says "Call him to him help me..."  Ha.  Reporting this as follows:

   Contact the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration. Use TIGTA’s “IRS Impersonation Scam Reporting” web page to report the incident.

https://apps.***.gov/app/scripts/exit.jsp?des ... port_scam.shtml

   You should also report it to the Federal Trade Commission. Use the “FTC Complaint Assistant” on FTC.gov. Please add "IRS Telephone Scam" to the comments of your report.

https://apps.***.gov/app/scripts/exit.jsp?des ... =en&OrgCode=IRS

I am reporting this as a "Prank Call" but 800Notes needs to add a "Scam" or "Criminal" category.

unknown number no message

This number called me and it was a lady asking for a donation for the k9 rescue dogs; i replied with not at this time and she got rude and hung up on me.  i will never donate to this organization now.

Scam call saying IRS. IRS doesnt call they use mail

Anybody getting calls from this phone number?

Stated they would pay to have refund of Windows operating due security failure.

affliated store visit yields $100 gift certificate-store not name, caller not stated

302 442 7329 only id showing is international t and they call daily from wilmington de..I have no business with whoever they are, have told them take me off calling list and I hang up ..

I reported the call to the DNCR, the rep hung up on me, didnt get to ask for thier company do not call policy, who doesnt want lower interest rates? i think next time, I answer a call I dont know ,im going to talk with a very strange accent, or a very,very bad speech impediment

This number has called me 30 times.  This is stalking!  Go away and get a life

I received three calls from this number so far between yesterday and today. I didn't answer and they didn't leave a message.

unknown company

Must be a telemarketer using the same line for different clients because the call I got on 4/11/12 from this caller ID was a robocall pitching a security alarm system.

keeps harassing and calling -they don't speak

telemarketing crap

Phoned and left no message.

Just got a call from this number, hung up after one ring.

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